Are you interested in taking a workshop in encaustic art or ways of incorporating wax into your mixed media? I am experienced in developing tailor made workshops and teaching various techniques ranging from one-to-one intensive tuition through to group sessions. I am happy to travel to your location with the appropriate equipment and materials.

Previous workshops have included teaching at the beautiful National Maritime Museum as below.

National Maritime Museum

Portrait of a Large Dog, by George Stubbs

I was contacted by the museum in early 2016. They had recently acquired two paintings by George Stubbs, Portrait of a Large Dog (above) and The Kongouro from New Holland (below). Commissioned by Sir Joseph Banks who had travelled with Captain James Cook on a scientific discovery of Australia these were the first depictions of the Dingo and the Kangaroo painted by a European artist.

The Kongouro from New Holland, by George Stubbs

Usually paintings from this era were executed in oils but analysis had revealed that they were in fact painted with beeswax using basic encaustic techniques gleaned from the writings of the Roman scholar Pliny the Elder. The museum wished to hold workshops on this technique and invited me to view the paintings, speak to an intern recreating the Dingo and develop one day encaustic workshops suitable for the general public.

It was a huge pleasure to teach these workshops during the summer of 2016. Using hotplates and hot air guns along with wax paints, brushes and pastels the students showed great creativity and enthusiasm. Attended by a mix of students, from artists experienced in other media through to interested members of the public and museum staff this was a rewarding challenge from which I also learnt much.